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I’m fine...


Two words that can mean so much. A cry for help sometimes.


Mental illness affects 1 in 5 people in Canada and roughly 8% of adults will experience depression at some point in their lives. Mental illness does not discriminate and affects people of all ages, race, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds like,income, employment, and education to name a few. Covid-19 has created a significant impact on many people’s mental health.


Did you know that 22% of Canadians reported that they had been diagnosed with depression and an additional 20% said they received an anxiety disorder diagnosis. This means that supports that have been put in place to help people cope with their mental health are being used at a much higher capacity versus pre-Covid, causing challenges for people needing to gain access to resources. As we all are experiencing major life changes caused by the pandemic it is important to take the time to check in on your loved ones. It’s easy to get caught up and forget to REALLY check in on our loved ones because we are all experiencing an uncomfortable state of living. It’s easy to cover up how we feel on the inside with the prettiest makeup and lashes but no amount of cosmetics can cover up how we REALLY feel. Reach out to your local supports for help. Don’t forget it helps to speak to someone instead of keeping everything bottled up inside, after all you’re only human and you have limits.


These are a few resources that are available to you if you need help ( generated from )



Canada-wide mental health resources:


The resources below are available for youth and adults across Canada in need of mental health support.



Kids Help Phone


Text Services: Text "CONNECT" to 686868 (also serving adults)

Chat Services: (NEED2 Suicide Prevention, Education and Support)


Youth Text (6pm-12am PT): (778) 783-0177


Youth Chat (6pm-12am PT):


Crisis Services Canada


Toll Free (24/7): 1 (833) 456-4566


Text support (4pm-12am ET daily): 45645


Remember that you are loved.

You are worthy.

You deserve the luxury the world has to offer.

You are beautiful.

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